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Helvio Faria

21st Century Impressionism

The title 21st Century Impressionism was first mentioned to me by a curator from Sotheby’s, who was at an exhibit of mine, at Scott Widmeyer and Alan Yount’s beautiful loft, here in Manhattan.

We started talking, she turned, and very casually said: "So, you are an Impressionist of the 21st Century!"

I was so excited about the term, which had never crossed my mind before, even though Impressionism has always been my very favorite Art Movement.

When I found out later about her amazing credentials, I was deeply humbled, but euphoric at the same time.

On these  pages, it is my sincere hope that you will agree with her. Her casual comment has been an invaluable source of encouragement to my work.

In the brilliant words of Depeche Mode: ‘Let me show you the world of my eyes’.

Helvio Faria

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